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The current two-schedule format is flawed, but has a seemingly simple solution.

Inconsistency with ‘Communication’ time underlines larger issue

Finnegan Courtney ’23, Executive TV Producer December 13, 2022

The schedule at Staples High School has and remains an often discussed issue, be it by students, teachers or parents. In my time at Staples alone, I’ve seen many different schedules come into place and...

On March 23, teachers had a half day of professional development devoted to improving overall wellness and developing a more connected Staples community.

Professional development day on wellness receives mixed grades from teachers

Lucy Dockter ’23, Paper News Editor April 1, 2022

*Names have been changed for anonymity. Students got a half day last Wednesday, and it felt pretty good. We were able to use that time as we chose—to finish schoolwork, to do some exercise, to meditate....

The schedule rotates between eight periods, dropping two a day. There is a built-in communication time on days without connections.

PRO: New schedule offers valuable change to school year

Gabi Gerig ‘23, Sports Editor December 2, 2021

The decision to revert back to the pre-pandemic 50 minute period schedule has already proven to be a practical and beneficial change for the 2021-2022 school year.  The 2020-21 school schedule consisted...

The Staples vision of the “contributing” graduate includes the traits that they want graduating students to achieve in their time at Staples.These posters are seen posted on the walls across the school.

Staples’ ‘Vision of the Graduate’ feels out of touch

Ryan Hong ’23, Staff Writer November 23, 2021

Maybe you’ve seen them around school. The posters with the words “Contributing Citizens” at the top, outlining four traits that the ideal citizen should have. These posters are part of the new “Vision...

The implementations of Connections strived to connect students with trusted faculty members that are available to help in a variety of ways for both personal and school-related issues.

Connections requires more independence for students, teachers to be successful

Jared Leonard ’22, Opinions Editor May 27, 2021

Connections: the mere sound of the word either makes students cringe or sigh with relief. Whether you dread the 20 minute period that seems to drag on or enjoy the small break in the day, we can all agree...

In the video presented during connections, implicit bias was explained through condiments. For example, when someone says peanut butter, an instinctive association is jelly.

Important lesson on implicit bias falls short of intended impact

Isabella Rivel '24, Staff Writer May 25, 2021

It’s 9:15 in the morning and a group of students trudge into a classroom and take their seats. They chat for a few minutes as the desks start to fill until their teacher announces the assigned topic...

The new Wednesday schedule is vastly different from the old one and presents many negative differences.

Wednesdays should be kept virtual

Phoebe Miller ’23, Associate Managing Editor May 10, 2021

With students in school at full capacity, less clamoring about zoom links and wifi problems eliminated, the COVID landscape of school is, thankfully, seeming to slowly fade away. But the new 100% capacity...

Many English teachers use Turnitin to clearly see if students are plagiarizing off of other websites for their assignments.

Lessons in connections reinforce academic integrity

Emily Goldstein '23, Staff Writer October 26, 2020

Students slyly open a new tab on Google and cut and paste the essay question into the search bar. It’s so easy, so accessible, a perfect claim statement and analysis comes right onto the screen in a...

Culinary students bake cookies during class, just as Gans Connections group does.

Culinary Connections class uses cooking to ignite teamwork

Amanda Rowan '21, Staff Writer March 15, 2020

It’s a coffee culture: crowding around the rectangular table, sipping freshly made hot coffee and tea, as they share their thoughts and feelings, a group of seniors has bonded together. All from different...

In response to Niah Michels letter, Principal Stafford W. Thomas, Jr. sent an email to Staples families.
A community is a group of people we lean on when times are tough, Thomas said. I have seen this with regularity this year, but too frequently, in separate groups. We are going to change this.

Michel’s letter prompts response from administration

Sophie Casey ’20 and Siri Kanter ’20 February 15, 2020

Niah Michel ’20 described several concerns about the treatment of minority students in a letter to the editor, entitled “Racism at Staples,” published by WestportNow on Feb. 14. Michel said she wrote...

Principal Thomas and Ethan Frank 20 discuss a new topic each month about the Staples community.

This is a Wreckording

Ethan Frank '20, Staff Writer November 4, 2019

Click the links below to listen to Episode 1: Connections Apple Google Play

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