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As upcoming juniors decide where they will apply to college, it’s important that they don’t rule out colleges just because they’re “unrealistic.”

Advice for juniors: The 25-50-25 rule is not a universal mantra

Jason Stein '22, Staff Writer May 6, 2022

Acceptance rates, rankings, location, cost and so on. By the time college application season approaches, these buzzwords infiltrate the everyday conversations of anxious high school juniors. As high...

Acceptance rates for the class of 2026 reach an all time low due to miscalculated yields and over-enrollment.

Class of 2026 acceptance rates plummet

Jason Stein ’22, Staff Writer April 4, 2022

For the class of 2026, college acceptance among the top 100 colleges is at an all-time low according to U.S. News. Last year, Northeastern University’s acceptance rate was 18%. This year it’s 7%. Northeastern...

68% of colleges list “demonstrated interest” as considered or having higher weight in the admissions process

Colleges need to abolish ‘demonstrated interest’ factor in admissions process

Jason Stein ’22, Staff Writer December 14, 2021

Demonstrated interest. It’s a vague phrase that encapsulates the assessment of an applicants’ interest in attending a certain college. According to a survey done by the National Association of College...

High school students often seek the help of college counselors throughout their time in high school in order to figure out how best they can prepare for college applications, and receive advice during the process itself.

College counseling: negatives outweigh positives in most scenarios

Lys Goldman '21, Paper Sports Editor May 25, 2021

I began hearing of people visiting college counselors at the beginning of freshman year. At the time, I wasn’t even sure what exactly a college counselor was or what they did. I was focused on figuring...

Students who have the financial ability to do so often utilize online resources that may cost upwards of hundreds of dollars for SAT tutoring with the promise of improved scores.

The SAT perpetuates unjust educational system

Jared Leonard ’22, Opinions Editor May 12, 2021

The Scholastic Aptitude Test, or SAT, allows college admission officers to better evaluate the knowledge of students and their ability to succeed in a college environment. Well, not really. The very...

COVID-19 prompts students to adjust to a new college application process

Gabriella Gerig ’23 and Meg Enquist ’23 November 4, 2020

Common App Glitches Frustrates Students

Common App Glitches Frustrates Students

Jessica Gross and Amina Abdul-Kareem March 16, 2014

Think your Common App is in good shape? Guess again. According to Guidance, a number of students have discovered that pieces of their app are not visible to colleges though the students’ own Common...

All Around Stress: Underclassmen Worry About College Too

December 17, 2010
Not only are many juniors and seniors stressed with the college process, but so are some underclassmen.
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