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Giving thanks isnt always easy, especially when the table is weighted with more than just food. During Thanksgiving, some of the most challenging battles are fought within.

Should I be thankful for Thanksgivings like this?

Ava Chun ’25, Paper Arts Editor November 3, 2023

As I pick out my outfit I picture all my flaws in each piece of clothing as I slowly tear my closet apart. When I finally pick something perfect to wear, I start my makeup.   Yet, it takes me hours...

Costumes on the internet display tight, short and revealing costumes, which can have a negative impact on the way teenage girls and women view themselves.

Halloween impacts girls’ body image

Karlie Saed '23, Photostory Editor October 30, 2022

Horror movies, creating jack-o-lanterns, eating candy and going trick-or-treating are just a few aspects associated with Halloween. But as you get older this all becomes childish, right?  Although...

‘Define feminine, I’m feminine’ trend takes over TikTok to embrace women’s differences and challenge societal expectations.

‘Define feminine, I’m feminine’ TikTok trend portrays societal expectations of women, highlights women’s differences

Hannah Ratcliffe ’22, Web Arts Editor March 27, 2022

As I scroll through TikTok--a social media app meant for sharing fun, harmless videos--it’s hard not to notice the prevalent negative comments on girls’ videos. I brace myself each time I open the...

The physical standards many people strive to achieve are all products of our fallible definition of “hot” and what is deemed attractive. Self-confidence has become increasingly difficult to achieve with the pressure of impossible body image ideals.

It’s time to redefine the meaning of ‘hot’

Anna Diorio ’23, Broadcast Director June 7, 2021

If I’m not skinny, does that mean I can’t have a hot girl summer?  Instinctively, your answer might have been to say, “no,” and kudos to you if it was. But many people have internalized the...

Reshaping Reality has put up several posters around the school, including a QR code to the Zoom (which can be scanned here), which takes place on May 6 at 6 p.m.

Reshaping Reality hopes to spread advice through virtual ‘Middle Schooler in the Mirror’ event

Reshaping Reality will soon throw their ‘Middle Schooler in the Mirror’ event for middle and high school families. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and multiple rules and regulations being in...

Debasing the word “skinny” through mutual empowerment

Debasing the word “skinny” through mutual empowerment

Julia Greenspan, Public Relations April 25, 2016

Two girls threw their arms around each other and puckered their lips in seductive fashion, giggling and beaming smiles in between iPhone camera flashes. Their trusted friend and designated photographer...

Many more Barbie girls enter the Barbie world

Many more Barbie girls enter the Barbie world

Megan Doyle, Staff Writer February 13, 2016

Fifty seven years have come and gone in the Barbie company, and the doll has barely changed. The infamous blonde, blue-eyed, skinny model has been the face of Barbie forever. However, due to complaints...

Taylor Swift is a major influence in the music industry. Her fanbase mostly consists of young girls who look up to her as a role model.

Confidence songs dominate the charts

Julia Greenspan, Public Relations September 2, 2014

The Billboard Hot 100 list recently released its chart toppers for the week of September 6th. The number one spot belongs to Taylor Swift’s, “Shake It Off,” followed by Nicki Minaj’s, “Anaconda”...

iPhone apps artificially enhance appearance of photos

Sarah Ellman, Staff Writer August 25, 2014

A flat stomach, two-inch thigh gap, healthy bust, toned butt, perfect skin, flawless hair, and a scenic background is all any girl needs for her perfect profile picture. While these strict requirements...

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