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The puppets of “Avenue Q” take their final bow

Actors in

Jordan Goodness, Staff Writer

March 25, 2014

Two months of strenuous rehearsals came together the weekend of March 21 when the cast of "Avenue Q" came, sang and conquered four performances. “It’s been incredible working with such a great cast who were so dedicated to making the show come to life,” said Emma Ruchefsky ’15, who played Kate M...

“Avenue Q” stuns at opening night

Zoe Fox ’16, who played Care-ee bear, Garrick New’16, who played Pooh, and Aaron Samuels ’16, who played Paddington, look through the playbill for their names and ads during a break.

Nicole DeBlasi, Web A&E Editor

March 24, 2014

On March 21st, Staples Players put on a stunning performance of “Avenue Q,” a play about the struggles that a group of people, and monsters, face as they enter adulthood and the challenges that adulthood throws at them, such as finding a job. Unlike most productions Staples Players put on, “Avenu...

Players learn puppeteering from the pros

Will Haskell ’14, playing the character Princeton in the Staples’ production, practices his puppeteering with professional puppeteers Pam Arciero and Rick Lyon.

Kacey Hertan, Assistant Business Manager

February 28, 2014

In the past 55 years of Staples Players productions, Staples students have transformed into characters onstage, but no one has seen a transformation quite like this. With vibrantly colored skin, gigantic eyes, perfectly round noses, and some wacky hairdos, the Staples Players will appear not only as...

Players take a twist to the stage

Players take a twist to the stage

Adam Kaplan, Staff Writer

December 20, 2013

With the fall show just wrapping up, it is time to set sights on the future and prepare for Staples Players’ next show. This time though, David Roth and the drama department are adding a bit of a twist. Players is known for its mix of straight edge musicals and comedies, old time favorites and newer...

Staples Players’ vacation isn’t all fun and games

During the hiatus, the auditorium stage remains empty of actors rehearsing

Rachel Treisman, Staff Writer

December 17, 2013

Most days after school, members of Staples Players congregate in the theater hallway, scrambling to change their outfits and run their lines. The flurry of activity continues long into the afternoon, leaving thespians with little time to do homework or hang out with friends. But in the sliver of time betw...

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