Boys Lacrosse Preview

Deanna Schreiber, A&E Editor

The Boys Lacrosse team has high hopes for this season. After losing in the State-Semi finals the past two years, the team hopes to win FCIACs and States this year.

So far they are off to a rigorous start. They ran and lifted throughout the winter and had a week long pre-season camp at Joe Barlow High School to get them into shape. But it is Judgment Day that they are hoping to put them over the edge this season. Judgment Day is a 5-hour long training session run by former Marines, Navy Seals, and other people of similar qualifications.

Junior captain Quinn Mendelson who stresses the importance of this training said,  “At a glance, it’s pretty much a boot camp session which challenged us mentally and physically. We had to do everything perfectly in unison with no exceptions. I think it set a really good mindset for this season and proved to us that we can do more than we think we can,” said Mendelson ’13.

They are hoping this might be just what they need to overcome the loss of the seniors from last year. Head Coach Paul McNulty sees this team growing and working hard. “I think this team has the potential to be very good. If Judgment Day is any indication, this team should be very successful,” McNulty said.

Although they lost seniors both McNulty and Mendelson see a lot of potential for players to fill their spots. “There are players that graduated that had a huge impact on the team last year, but I think we have players that are ready to step up and will catch a lot of people by surprise,” said Mendelson ’13.

Overall this year is sure to be a good one for Staples Boys Lacrosse.

“I never compare teams.  Our outcome will be because this team is prepared and ready – each player, each play, each game, all season,” said McNulty.