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Deanna Schreiber, Features Editor

Deanna Schreiber, Features Editor, Features Editor

Deanna Schreiber ’13, loves being busy. “The busier I am, the more efficient I am”, she said on juggling school, varsity lacrosse, and being an editor on Inklings. She took Introduction to Journalism her first semester of sophomore year and has been hooked ever since by the different type of writing style Inklings has offered.

Her first position on the paper was as the Arts and Entertainments editor and although she enjoyed it, she thinks being a Feature editor is more her style due to the different variety of subjects in that section. Schreiber also likes the visual aspect of laying out the feature articles for the paper.
Besides her involvement in Inklings, she devotes much of her time to lacrosse and plans on playing it in college. Managing it all doesn’t unnerve her because she enjoys doing both. In her limited free time, she works at a summer sailing camp and baby-sits.
Even though her love for lacrosse is strong, her love for Inklings is just as strong. Referencing to the newsroom, Schreiber said: “This is my favorite room in the school.”

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