Terrain Garden Cafe provides aesthetically pleasing dining environment

In a little enclave separated from the rest of the garden and outdoor living supply store, Terrain, is its own restaurant, the Terrain Garden Cafe. A wide panel of windows looks out to the lush plants and trees, making customers feel as though theyhave been transported to their own secret garden.

Trellises with vibrant green leaves hang against the wall, and canopies with stringed lights are draped from a chandelier in the center of the ceiling. Lightly-colored wooden tables and metal chairs create a comfortable vibe, and the mason jar glasses in place of traditional water glasses are the ultimate hipster essential to complete the outdoorsy decor.

While the dinner menu wasn’t as diverse as I had hoped it would be, there were some tempting (though quite pricey) options including the fried chicken sandwich, the Terrain burger, and the spice-braised beef short ribs. I eventually decided on the farmer’s market gnocchi, a dish more suited to the farmer’s market-esque environment.

Before the main course, a ceramic gardener’s pot was brought to the table with a petite loaf of bread baked into it. The A+ creative offering matched its quality; the crust was perfectly crispy, and the inside was soft and warm. Paired with the sweet and salty poppy seed butter, this bread might have been the best bread I’ve ever had at a restaurant.

Photos by Jen Gouchoe ’16 and Graphic by Channing Smith ’17

(from top to bottom) Terrain Garden Cafe, tucked inside the unique garden store, has one of the best quinoa salads in Westport and is known for the warm and delicious brownie skillet.

Despite the tasty precursor to the meal, I was underwhelmed by the farmer’s market gnocchi. At first bite, the creamy sauce seemed to compliment the crisp cauliflower and fresh peas, but the gnocchi itself tasted more like bits of fried mashed potato rather than the traditional chewy potato pasta. After a few forkfuls, the sauce became rather bland with the fresh mint being the only ingredient to spice it up.

After the gnocchi, I sampled some of Terrain’s desserts. First up was the chocolate pot de creme, which arrived in a small glass jar decorated with shards of white chocolate. The creamy, semi-sweet chocolate had a smoky quality to it, and it was paired nicely with a delicate rose-flavored whipped cream.

Next up was the skillet brownie, which was still hot in its own mini cast iron pan. A scoop of vanilla ice cream and a pool of caramel were dolloped onto the brownie, which was perfectly chewy with crispy edges, just the way a brownie should be.

Although the quality of the entree didn’t quite match its price, the aesthetic of the restaurant certainly made up for it. The food may be overpriced, but Terrain’s Garden Cafe is a great place to escape into an otherworldly environment.