It’s anyone’s game now


Grant Sirlin , Staff Writer

This presidential campaign is a circus. It’s a polarized cast of characters who remind me more of a dysfunctional family than a potential president. Trump is a playground bully, yet Rubio loves the games as well. Is this a reality TV show or is it the nomination for the most prestigious job in the world?

As a guy who falls almost precisely in the middle of the spectrum, I can acknowledge that neither party has any candidate that would make a great president, or even a good president. While I naturally strive to see strengths, I can only spot weaknesses in all of these campaigns driven by fear.

I’ll be voting for the best of the worst this election, but at the least I need someone who can refrain from firing shots at the Pope and talking about his genitalia on live television.

As entertaining as this brawl for the nomination has been, reality is sinking in: we need an actual president, not just a crowd pleaser. Many have begun to realize that for this to happen, we need to stop Trump and we need to stop Trump now.

In the past few weeks, the anti-Trump coalition has formed and it’s stronger than ever. Along with a few mishaps on Trump’s part in upholding his populist image, the Everyone vs. Trump cause is starting to produce results

Although he was endorsed by Trump in 2012, former governor and presidential candidate Mitt Romney has recently spoken out against Trump. Even established republican candidates such as longtime white house advisor Ed Rogers and 2008 republican nominee John McCain have launched campaigns to stop him.  

But if Trump were to be held to less than a majority of the delegates, even more unconventionality will be added to this wild presidential race: a contested convention.

This process to determine the Republican nominee has not taken place since 1976 when Gerald R. Ford received the nomination and it opens a new world of possibilities. Could Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan walk in and become the Republican nominee?

Just two weeks ago Trump was “unstoppable.” But now people seem to be finding a way to halt his momentum.
The game of the presidential election has been unworldly thus far, it’s only fitting for it to go into overtime.