Seniors bid farewell to their high school selves

Andrea Frost, Breaking News Managing Editor

Dear my high school self,

Do you remember? Actually, how could you forget? It was Sept 1, 2011, and a warm day at the end of summer. It was also your first day of freshman year, your first day of high school. As a stereotypical freshman, you walked through the glass doors of Staples timid, brace-faced, and with a very giant backpack pulling your shoulders down. As you were walking towards your first period class trying to keep to yourself and navigate through the halls of what seemed to be a very large and confusing maze, you saw

someone you knew in the hall. You wondered what was the proper high school etiquette? Do you say “hi”? Do you wave? Was all of the above or none of the above acceptable? Flustered by the situation, you didn’t realize where you were walking, and little freshman you slammed right into a senior football player. Lovely. Just lovely. While you have definitely grown into a, let’s say, more confident hallway walker in the past four years, I am sure you are looking forward to saying goodbye to high school and all the embarrassing moments associated with it. Now, that’s not to say we didn’t have some good times. We definitely had some great times together. But, now, it’s time to say goodbye.  Goodbye to my high school self. Goodbye to my giant backpack freshman year. Goodbye to my locker that I never used, goodbye to my packed lunch that I brought to school everyday. And goodbye to all the times I tripped up the three flights of stairs. Overall you’ve done well, but I don’t want to see any resemblance to our awkward high-school-freshman self in our future college-freshman self.