Test day techniques

Grant Sirlin, Staff Writer

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The ominous cloud that hovers over Staples High School after the sunshine of Winter Break has finally arrived. This stressful environment is contagious, intoxicating almost every student who comes back lacking motivation.


Although midterm week is one of the most essential weeks of the school year, students need to realize that every year this storm comes, and every year it passes. The stress of midterm day can be avoided in just a few steps:


    1. Let midnight be your stopping point– As much studying that you have or have not done, any cramming past midnight is counterproductive. By no means is cramming an effective study habit, but after 12:00 p.m. less is more.
    2. Sleep and a positive mindset are your golden tickets- A midterm can’t stop a confident and motivated test-taker with 9 hours of sleep. Are you going to conquer that midterm or is the midterm going to conquer you?
    3. Tackle an easy question first– Confidence right from the start is key. Even if it means skipping the first couple questions, an early ah-ha moment can serve as a quick momentum-builder for the rest of the test.
    4. Listen to motivational music in the shower- Just like envisioning that state championship trophy in your hands, picture a 100 circled in big red font, stretched across your paper. Music is the perfect way to channel that inner drive and bring out the test-taking connoisseur in you.
    5. Chill- This test isn’t going to determine your life. Midterms are important, but there’s too much hype around one test. Everything can be fixed. Just stay calm, cool, and collected, and soon enough you’ll be cruising through the test until the ominous clouds have transformed into sunny skies.