Get your spoons out

Get your spoons out

Rolling over in bed, I wipe the sleep from my eyes and watch my room transform from a blur to reality. Confused by the fact that I feel extremely rested, I roll over on my left side and squint at the clock that reads 9:27. I blink again just to make sure I am seeing clearly and walk over to the large window opposite my bed in uncertainty.

I push away the smooth white curtains and gasp. My eyebrows raise in disbelief at the thick blanket of snow covering my backyard and sprinkling the treetops, confirming that there is either school delay or closing due to snow. I sigh in relief and skip downstairs crossing my fingers for a snow delay and following my nose that smells French toast.

It’s the greatest feeling when your parents come in and tell you there is a snow delay. Just snoozing your alarm because you know you can sleep another two, three hours makes me happy.

That right there is why snow delays are the best. They are a huge component to why I love winter so much. Yes, you do still have to attend school, but you get to sleep late and go to half as many periods. Plus, it doesn’t take away any days of summer like snow days do.

Snow delays are basically the only time I show up to school fully rested. Most Staples students and I barely ever get the healthy eight hours of sleep needed. Snow delays are the perfect opportunities to catch up on sleep. Take advantage of it. Especially girls, we need our beauty sleep.

You just can’t have a beautiful winter without a couple of inches of snow. It can’t get better than crystallized roof tops and vanilla milk covered lawns.

Unfortunately, we haven’t seen much of a winter wonderland because of this unusually warm winter we are having. So I could really use some help on getting a snow delay ASAP.

I hope you all are putting spoons under your pillows and wearing your pajamas inside out because I most definitely will be.