Deck the halls without the homework


Every Sunday, I wake up at 10:00 a.m. and prepare myself for the long day ahead of me, filled with procrastinated homework assignments, papers and projects.

It’s not that I mean to procrastinate; I’ve just always felt that it’s best to use your days off doing activities you enjoy rather than doing schoolwork.

So for me, when it comes to holiday breaks, I like to pretend that school doesn’t even exist and just disregard any math formula, English vocab term or chemistry equation.

After all, holiday breaks are meant to give kids a break – a break from school, homework and studying.

Breaks are supposed to take kids’ minds off of school and just let them have fun and relax on the days off.

Now, it’s turned into “read pages 1-250”, and “complete the midterm study packet.” This so-called “break” was really just a week-long study session, preparing for midterms or just working on the busywork homework sheets – my favorite.

Instead of enjoying the extremely rare time off we had, we sat piled next to endless sheets of homework and study packets.

But this year, thanks to the new no homework over break policy, many students, like me, had a chance to enjoy a work-free break once again. I spent time with family and friends instead of reviewing the Pythagorean Theorem, and really enjoyed spending close to two full weeks carefree.

So, I hope you are feeling fully recharged and relaxed. But now it’s time to crack open these books once more. Midterms are just one weekend away.