Staples High School coronavirus cases increase


Lexie Moskovit '21

Students who were identified as a close contact received an email on Nov 10 at around 9 pm, letting the students know they will be required to quarantine for the 14 days.

Lexie Moskovit '21 , Staff Writer

An email was sent out announcing that two more individuals at Staples High School have tested positive for COVID-19 on Nov. 9. This is Staples’ fifth positive case of the year so far. 


“This evening we were made aware of two individuals at Staples High School who tested positive for COVID-19,” Superintendent Thomas Scarice said in the email.


Students and teachers who came within six feet of the infected person 48 hours before the diagnosis were designated as “close contacts.” These students are required to quarantine for 14 days, and can not return to school until Tuesday Nov. 24. 


Shira Parower ’21 was one of the students who was identified as a close contact. She is now required to quarantine and attend school virtually for 14 days. She feels that this change hinders her from learning.


“I think it’s good that the school is taking the necessary precautions and doing the contact tracing,” Parower said. “Since we were deemed as close contact we have to quarantine for two weeks. Quarantining for two weeks is holding me and my peers back for our education of being in person.”


Maya Wofsy ’21 was another student who was a close contact to the individual who tested positive, along with one of her teachers. 


“With my teacher having to quarantine it is definitely more tough to get things done and learn especially when we are in class we do only labs,” Wofsy said. “I am someone who likes to learn in person so it is definitely harder to focus when the teacher is home.”