School Apprehends, Expels Students with Pot Brownies

Alexandra O'Kane, Staff Writer

Wednesday afternoon, Principal John Dodig sent an email to all parents saying that in two separate incidents in the last month, three students brought marijuana-laced brownies into school. The three were expelled for a year each.

In the email, Dodig says some may come back to school earlier “with the expulsion hanging over their heads ready to be reinstated if they make another big mistake.”

He explained that the school is not responsible for family decisions regarding drugs and alcohol. However, it is the school’s duty as educators to teach students about the facts and to punish them when they don’t follow school, and legal, rules.

“They get all of that information from their health classes. Still, the temptation is there for many reasons and the consequences of getting caught are dire.”

Dodig described this incident as a big mistake, especially because “drugs in school cannot be tolerated.” His email went on to encourage parents to teach their children about making safe and healthy choices. “Working together, as we have in the past, we will continue to be successful in this regard,” he said.

The note also included a warning about Thursday’s homecoming game. Dodig asked parents to talk to their kids, to ensure the safety and health of all students, especially at the football game. “I gave up preaching morality years ago… We must always be ready to acknowledge that some will continue to make mistakes in judgment,” he said.