Untied Shoes adds a kick of creativity

Untied Shoes adds a kick of creativity

By Emily Stone ’20

While most artists exhibit their artwork on paper and canvases, Isabelle Katz ’21 has found a new display. One that’s comfortable, portable and accommodating to everyone- shoes.

“This is about detangling and reworking our comfort zones, starting with your sneakers. A subtle (or not so subtle) and dope way of being unique,” Katz’s mission statement says. She turns ordinary shoe brands such as Vans, Converse and Superga into creative and wearable pieces.

Katz uses bold colors to rejuvenate old, bland shoes and uses a combination of geometric shapes, graphic fonts and abstract art to recreate street-style designs on each shoe.  

“When I’m finally done and I see the finished product […] giving it to the customer is my favorite part by far,” Katz said. “It’s spreading what I started, and seeing it in action.”

On top of designing and coloring Untied Shoes’ pieces, Katz also markets her business on social media (under the account @_untiedshoes_)  and acts as the company’s business manager.

“I think something all aspiring artists should know is that it’s not as hard as you might think,” Katz said. “Just because someone might not like your art, doesn’t mean you should ever stop creating it.”