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Students step out of the box to create unthinkable promposals

Photo contributed by Jack Sharkey ’18

By Bailey Blaikie  ’19

Scrolling through Facebook and seeing the same, repeated promposals is not uncommon. Having a unique promposal has become increasingly difficult, as people are running out of creative ideas. Because of this, many students have been thinking outside of the box to ask their prom date in a creative way. According to Huffington Post, “[Promposals] have become increasingly elaborate affairs over the years, in some cases involving costumes, cosplay and other colorful elements.”


The generic balloons and cake is an all time classic, along with spelling out prom on a pizza with toppings. However, for students like Theo Koskoff ’18, Dylan Diamond ’17, Jack Sharkey ’18 and Christopher Scherban ’17, a cake and a poster won’t cut it for them.


Koskoff asked his date to prom in a unique way that most students would not think of. “I asked her to prom by sending her a video,” Koskoff said. “Her favorite politician is Angela Merkel and her favorite song is ‘In My Life’ by The Beatles.” In the video,  Koskoff sang  the song, topping it off with a title to make it seem as if it was about politics: “Angela Merkel: Integrating Refugees Into the Economy.” Instead, it was a surprise that ultimately led to him asking her to prom.


Diamond’s promposal was something no one has ever done before. Using his app, myHAC, he sent out an alert to get his dates attention. Once the whole school saw the notification, including his intended target, his prom date, Diamond gave her a sign to formally ask her. Using her last name as a pun, he wrote,  “Hey Sara, I think we’d make a great PAiR(ower) at Prom.” “It was cool because the entire school saw it and she felt special,” Diamond said.


Similar to Diamond, Scherban’s ask is something no one has seen before. His date is the co-founder of a comic concept, so, Scherban made a comic drawn and edited by him while the other co-founder of the comic concept made the words for the comic. In the end, he used a physics pun that led to him to asking his date to prom. Although this is something not many would think of, Scherban put a lot of time and effort into his ask.


Sharkey felt that incorporating his date’s favorite food into his promposal would be most sincere. “Instead of bringing what we ordered, they brought out a plate that said PROM spelled in sushi,” Sharkey said. “My date loves sushi so I thought this would be the best way to ask.”  


“Prom is a time full of extravagance and fun, and the ask is one of the most important components of the experience,” Avery Smith ’19 said after saying yes to her promposal.


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