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Isabelle Amlicke takes on EXTRA extracurriculars


By Hannah Bolandian and Chelsea Fox ’19

While many students participate in multiple extracurricular activities to put on their college resumes, Isabelle Amlicke ’19 participates to pursue an array of interests and talents.

Amlicke’s favorite activity is Builders Beyond Boarders (B3). She has been participating in the community service trip since her freshman year, which has inspired her to continue doing similar things outside of high school, including her apprenticeship job at Wakeman Town Farm.

Amlicke originally joined B3 at Westport’s ECOFEST at the Levitt Pavilion. It was an interesting choice “because I had never actually been to sleep away camp before and here I was volunteering to live in a different country for a week with people I don’t know,” Amlicke explained.


Every year, Amlicke goes through a series of local community service projects before jetting off for the big project of building schools in developing countries. Amlicke has gotten very involved with the program and as a senior was a student advisor on her team, as well as her team’s representative for advisor reports.


Amlicke found B3 to be very constructive socially and developmentally. “You’re not just working to submit a paper, you’re working to clean up a garden bed or to clean up a salt marsh and you can see the results and it affects more than just you,” Amlicke said.


Along with B3, Amlicke is a very active person and loves to try new things. Her freshman year she made the ski team and enjoyed it for the season. After rowing for a year as a junior, Amlicke took up throwing shot put, discus and javelin during her senior year. Due to her family’s heritage and past, she has also been learning martial arts. “I have been a martial artist for seven years and it’s something that’s been in my family for a while too so I want to try to get back into that [at college],” Amlicke said.


Since she loved the workout aspect of rowing, she started crossfit. Amlicke has loved the high-intensity sport and will continue taking classes and going to crossfit gyms. “I wanted to stay in shape and [crossfit] seemed like an interesting thing,” Amlicke said. “We had done some crossfit style workouts at rowing so I thought I would try it out.”


Along with Amlicke’s athletic endeavors, she was a violinist both in and out of school, but eventually stopped l due to a lack of time. As a result of this, Amlick learned how to manage her time. “I got good at doing my homework fast and I got good at going to bed late and waking up early,” Amlicke explained. “It’s really hard to balance time, and I don’t always do a great job of it, but it works out and I make time for the things that I really want to do.”


This fall, Amlicke will be attending Cornell University. Along with her academics, she hopes to stay active during her time at school. She plans to go to the gym with her friends and roommates, and hopes to continue crossfit. She is also looking forward to finding new community service projects in a different  area and join interesting clubs.


“I definitely want to continue doing community service [at Cornell], and I know there are definitely opportunities,” Amlicke said.


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