Jonesing for Jones

Graphic by Olivia Crosby

Julia Ethier

Graphic by Olivia Crosby

Cadence Neenan, Web Managing Editor

At first, William Jones might seem like an average science teacher, concerned merely with the subjects in which he specializes. His daily routine would suggest that this first glance might be correct.

“I wake up early, before the sun rises. I rush to school because I’m excited to teach Chemistry and Physics,” Jones said, “I stay at school all day teaching Chemistry and Physics, and I retire to my home at the end of the evening to think more about Chemistry and Physics.”

It sounds like a lot of science and not much else. Yet, stir in anecdotes from adoring students, and boil at high temperature, and there is more below the meniscus.

“When [Jones] was working at another school before Staples, someone kept eating his sandwiches., Sso, in order to stop the culprit, he put a super spicy pepper in the sandwich as a prank,.” three-time Jones student Claire Sampson ’15 said. “But I’m pretty sure there was more to the story, probably involving something explosive…”

While some might consider that kind of combustion a bit of an overreaction, it seems like this kind of quirkiness is a cornerstone of Jones’ personality.

He collects watches, has a knack for analogizing science to life, is a quantifiable expert with crosswords and Scrabble, and has a plethora of stories to share with his students (though only periodically).

Yet the quality that seems to most define Jones is that he helps his students to think like a proton, and stay positive.

“Kids are too stressed out about grades and life, and I try to make them see what’s important in life, which is not grades,” Jones said. “It’s family, friends, love, fun.”

It seems as though Jones practices what he preaches – in between all of the Chemistry and Physics, he finds moments of simple pleasure: rushing through his lunch to play the piano in the Choir room and playing “Horsey” on the living room floor with his two daughters.

Even more, his students have learned that they are what matter to him.

“I would say that Mr. Jones is such an amazing teacher because of his ability to teach in a way that really connects with teenagers,.” Isabel Perry ’15 said. “He’s a teacher who loves learning and wants his students to love learning as well — a really good combination.”

Brynly Marsh ’16 agrees. “Although, his classes are tough, he pushes his students to strive for success and truly does care about what he’s teaching and who he’s teaching to,.” Marsh said.

So when it comes to Jones, it seems that he has formed a bond with the students of Staples – an ionic bond that is, as every student he comes in contact with seems quite taken with his unique approach to life.

“He wears the best bowties,” Sampson said. “Also, you can’t forget that he is William Jones IV.”