April Fools Inklinations

Students shared the best April Fools Day pranks they fell for and played on others.

“Last year on April Fools Day, I took my eight-year-old sister’s phone and changed my contact to Harry Styles and texted her saying ‘Hi! You’re so cute’ and had a full conversation with her. She was freaking out and then later I told her it was me and she was hysterically crying.” – Daisy Laska ’16


“Good thing my mom reminded me,” said Connor Adrian ’16, laughing at his mom’s cautiousness.
“In fifth grade I played an April Fools prank on my teacher, and I told her that she was fired and had an administrator tell her too.” – Erica Hefnawy ’15
“Once this kid came into school, and he was on crutches and everyone thought he was April Fooling, so one kid kicked out his crutches and he fell, but he was actually hurt and it wasn’t an April Fools prank.” – Cole Bruno ’16
“Last year, I was eating a sandwich and someone switched out my lunch meat with plastic lunch meat. It was so funny, but I really wanted my sandwich.” – Jayan Nadagopal ’16
“This morning two girls came in and frantically asked, ‘what exams? We’re so confused.’ I tried not to laugh. Then, one boy came in and said ‘what’s up with the signs?’ It was so funny fooling everyone. Happy April Fools Day Staples!” – Mrs. Horrigan
Watch out SHS! Keep an eye out for April Fools jokes this April 1.