The Halloween hassle: stress over sweets


Looks like this Halloween, Staples students will be studying instead of trick-or-treating; taking notes instead of candy. Their most elaborate costumes will be Stressed-Out-Student, which, as we all know, is nothing out of the ordinary.

While the majority of teachers have lessened up the workload, some remain adamant in their assignments despite the holiday festivities that have unfortunately fallen on a school night.

“So far I have a decent amount of homework,” Rachel Beck ’15 said on Wednesday night. “Not too much, but I’m sure I will get even more and have to stay up late finishing it.”

Similarly, Jenna Levantin ’16 had both a big test and a project due Friday, making it difficult for her to make Halloween plans.

Other students, however, remained optimistic.

“I don’t think we will get a lot of homework,” Hannah Berggren ’15 said. “It’s only the beginning of the quarter and the teachers will give us a break.”

Either way, students were determined to make the most of Halloween. Many still planned on celebrating with friends, and even trick-or-treating, while others pushed their plans forward to the weekend.

“I’m not too happy about Halloween being on a school night because I still have practice and homework, so it makes it hard to enjoy the occasion,” Malin Hovstadius ’15 said Thursday afternoon. “But, Halloween is only once a year so we must as well embrace it and have a good time.”