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The Time Crunch

The Time Crunch
Eliza Llewellyn

Ask anyone for the time, and you’re unlikely to see them glance down at their wrist. Instead you might watch them dig around in their bag to pull out a sleek iPhone, press the home button and watch the time fade up. In digital, of course.

There is no question that the wristwatch is becoming more and more obsolete. With the prevalence of technology in today’s world, whipping out an iPhone to check the time is more convenient than remembering to wear a watch.

However, some Staples students have stuck to more traditional timekeeping.

“I am absolutely obsessed with my watch and feel completely lost without it,” says Elizabeth Coogan ’14, who has worn an analog watch since 5th grade. She attributes her need for the accessory to her fear of technology. “‘My dad always says, “I’m an analog man in a digital world.’ Even when I’m not wearing it, I find myself looking down at my bare wrist with disappointment.”

On the other hand, it is true that wearing a watch has become more of a fashion statement than anything else. “I actually never look at my watch, I just wear one because I like the look of it,” says Thomas Bonner ’14.

Besides the fashion factor, Nathan Francis ’14 adds, “Wearing the watch itself is a bit of a “status” symbol.  It shows that you mean business.”

Wearing a watch means practicality. Although iPhones and other technology have made seeing the time easy, sometimes certain environments and situations are not conducive to whipping out an iPhone.

“There are certain times when I can’t check my phone like in class or practice so it’s helpful to be constantly wearing one,” says Valerie Fitton ’14.  “Sure, an iPhone is handy to check the time, but why even bother digging around in your pocket when the clock is right by your side at the end of your arm,” adds Francis.

A watch prevents technology from doing all the work and keeps us alert. “It keeps me on my toes intellectually,” says Francis.  “I have an analog watch, so it’s a good way to keep my brain active.  Instead of just reading numbers, I actually use my brain to tell the time.  It’s a great system.”


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Caroline Rossi, Web Features Editor
Whether Caroline Rossi’14 is cracking jokes with her friends, preforming on stage, or writing up a witty article, she is always making people laugh. Comedy plays an huge roll in the life of Rossi. It’s what makes her who she is as a person, an actress, and a writer. If Inklings Features Editor, Rossi, isn’t writing humorous stories for the paper, she is memorizing lines for her next audition. “My involvement in Players definitely carries into the way I write,” said Rossi. She describes herself as a comedic actress and said that it’s one of the main reasons why she enjoys writing funny articles. In fact, Rossi’s article  about her favorite TV show, the popular comedy, Saturday Night Live, is the one that truly sparked her involvement in Inklings. Rossi began her journalism career as a sophomore in the Intro to Journalism class, but with her incredible drive, was able to switch into the Advanced Journalism class midyear and immediately began writing for the web. With her impressive passion for writing and desire to lighten the mood, Rossi brings a great deal of unique skill to the Inklings team.  
Eliza Llewellyn, Web Managing Editor
Eliza Llewellyn ’14 is driven and well-rounded. Now that it’s her third year on Inklings, she’s ready to take the lead. As web managing editor, Eliza is excited to advance the Inklings website with innovations in media and graphics. It’s not going to be easy, and fortunately her experience as co-captain of the Staples JV tennis team has taught her the valuable leadership skills necessary for the job. Not only this, but her position on the yearbook committee and her commitment to playing piano constantly puts her time management skills to the test. While her job on Inklings may also be extremely time-consuming, she puts it above all else. “If I’m doing homework at 10:30 p.m. and a new e-mail pops up with an article, I stop what I’m doing to read it,” said Eliza. “It’s one of my first priorities.” When Eliza isn’t editing articles, she’s writing them. Last year she wrote a news story, "Legacies: Investigating a College Application Controversy," which she considers one of her best works. “It felt good to talk to guidance counselors and college admissions officers because I was finding information that people would not get otherwise,” said Eliza. This year she hopes to pursue writing in-depth and research-based articles, as well as find a good balance among all her extracurriculars. With her dedication and drive, there’s no doubt Eliza will go above and beyond.

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