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Family Week(does it have to)end

Eliza Llewellyn
Some Staples students visit siblings in college on Family Weekend, getting a first-hand look at the school and a taste of campus life.

“You know it really just hits you like a wrecking ball,” Joe Zec ‘15 said.

Growing up with siblings is not even close to uncommon among Staples students. But as the years go on and they transition into becoming upperclassmen, the youngest siblings are forced into a goodbye with their older brothers and sisters.

Zec ‘15, whose brother recently started as a Freshman at Berklee School of Music, said that when his brother first left it was really strange around the house – it seemed empty.

And although it has only been a month or two since students went off to college, things are beginning to become normal again in the homes that at first seemed to be missing something substantial. However simultaneously, the first big opportunity to visit is arriving.

“Family Weekend” is scheduled by each college for the parents and siblings of the students to visit and spend time together. Depending on the school, family weekend could take place any time in the fall.

Many high school students who go to visit their siblings also try to get information about the school, just in case they might be interested in going there. When Bridget van Dorsten visits her sister at George Washington University, she plans to learn more about the school. “I’ll probably visit the track coach of the college and have her give me a tour,” van Dorsten ‘15 said, who is very interested in Track and Field.

And even though there are personal gains from these visits, many teenagers go solely for catching up with their sibling. Sophie Mafilios ‘15 is one of those students. Her sister is now a Junior in college and although they went to Family Weekend for her Freshman and Sophomore years, unfortunately they are not visiting her anytime soon this year.

“We usually go out to dinner and go to the parents weekend events they hold. We also help her organize her room and sometimes we go shopping as a bonding thing to do.” Mafilios ‘15 said.

With all of these activities crammed into one weekend, let’s just hope that the teachers here at Staples and away at college give out a light load of homework.

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Julie Bender
Julie Bender, Web Opinions Editor
Baby sitting and journalism may seem to have nothing in common, but Julie Bender ’15 packs both professions into her high school career. While many students were off at camp or vacationing this summer, Bender was hard at work baby sitting families and friends. She was extremely dedicated to her job, practically becoming the neighborhood babysitter. Her baby skills easily compliment to her journalism skills as “dealing with children is like dealing with interviewees.” Using her same dedication towards her baby sitting monopoly, Bender hopes to improve her writing skills before she leaves Staples in 2015. There is no rush, however, as Bender “loves getting the info out” through journalism. After three years of being ruled over by seniors, Bender finally finds herself at the top of the food chain in high school. The best moment of the summer was “taking off the junior parking sticker” Bender said. Finally bursting through the doors as a senior girl, covered in feathers and whistles is a moment that all high school girls can’t wait for. Her excitement as a senior has added on to her excitement for journalism this year. Bender has a passion for opinions and news articles; she loves the fun, fast-paced language that is used in the writing style. It also gives her opportunities to interview unique and interesting people. Her favorite article she wrote, in fact, was an article on Hookah and E-Cig usage in high school because the interview process was one of the most awkward. Whether it is journalism or caring for children, Julie Bender brings all aspects of high school to the table in her last year writing for Inklings. She hopes to end the year strong and keep up with her hard work and dedication in and out of high school.  
Eliza Llewellyn
Eliza Llewellyn, Web Managing Editor
Eliza Llewellyn ’14 is driven and well-rounded. Now that it’s her third year on Inklings, she’s ready to take the lead. As web managing editor, Eliza is excited to advance the Inklings website with innovations in media and graphics. It’s not going to be easy, and fortunately her experience as co-captain of the Staples JV tennis team has taught her the valuable leadership skills necessary for the job. Not only this, but her position on the yearbook committee and her commitment to playing piano constantly puts her time management skills to the test. While her job on Inklings may also be extremely time-consuming, she puts it above all else. “If I’m doing homework at 10:30 p.m. and a new e-mail pops up with an article, I stop what I’m doing to read it,” said Eliza. “It’s one of my first priorities.” When Eliza isn’t editing articles, she’s writing them. Last year she wrote a news story, "Legacies: Investigating a College Application Controversy," which she considers one of her best works. “It felt good to talk to guidance counselors and college admissions officers because I was finding information that people would not get otherwise,” said Eliza. This year she hopes to pursue writing in-depth and research-based articles, as well as find a good balance among all her extracurriculars. With her dedication and drive, there’s no doubt Eliza will go above and beyond.

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