From Staples to Stardom

While Staples is a fantastic school that seems to have something for everyone, some students find that it’s just not enough. This is the case for some Staples teens who leave the Westport school system to attend schools for more specific, specialized talents.

Gillian Serels ‘14, has left Connecticut to attend her senior year at Stratton Mountain School in Stratton, Vermont. “I have always wanted to go to a ski academy” Serels says, “I knew that if I went to Stratton Mountain School I would be able to ski and do my schoolwork to the best of my abilities.”

As successful as the Staples Ski Team has been over the years, the level of dedication to the slopes just cannot match SMS; a school where school days are shortened in the winter to ensure some time on the mountain. “I have learned to manage my time so much… my days are very busy and I have to use my time well” says Serels.

However, not all past students were longing for snowy weather.

Rachel DuVivier ‘14 went traveled south to spend her senior year finishing high school online in Florida in the hopes of furthering her ballet career. “We moved to Florida so I could train exclusively with this specific ballet coach that I was with over the summer” she says.

The two girls have big dreams for after high school. Serels is excited by her new training opportunities and chance to become a stronger skier. DuVivier plans that “ideally after a year or two with her I’ll be ready to audition for companies, and hopefully get a professional job from there.”

While admitting that they miss their time as Staples Wreckers, Serels and DuVivier are busy taking the next step towards achieving their dreams as athletes.


Students travel to different schools across the country to pursue their talents.