Confessions of a Starbucks Addict

“That will be $4.56, but you already know that,” the Starbucks barista says.

Coffee is a drug, but Starbucks is an addiction.

Only at Starbucks it is possible to order a venti one pump caramel, one pump white mocha, two scoops of vanilla bean powder, extra ice frappuccino with two shots poured over the top (apagotto style) with caramel drizzle under and on top of the whipped cream, double cupped.

“Every Wednesday morning for my free period, we have a Starbucks rotation,” Kendall Vogt ’15 said. “One week, my friend buys me Starbucks, and the next I will buy her one. If my order isn’t right, my day is already set up to be terrible.”

A stressful night consists of balancing a Chem Quiz, a U.S History paper on the Gilded Age, two pages of Algebra 2 homework on solving quadratics, and a Vocab test.

Without a daily dose of Starbucks, there is no way learning or test taking would be possible first period of a school day.

“Starbucks is just like my phone. If I walk into school without a Vanilla Latte in my hand, I feel empty,” Eilene Ayala ’15 said.

No matter how long ago school started, there will always be time for Starbucks. Sorry, Patty, the Starbucks line was too long today.

Between 7:00 and 8:30 is Starbucks’ “rush hour”. That means there either is a guy that is lactose intolerant on a strict diet who can only have a non-fat, grande, soy chai latte, with a half shot of espresso and no foam, or, there is a person who buys 24 tall skinny soy lattes with sugar free hazelnut Starbucks for all of her friends, or an intern who buys Starbucks for his whole office. Then there is always “the regular” guy behind a customer who shouts, “Can you get me the usual?” to the barista behind the counter and proceeds to cut the line in the “stealthiest” method as possible.

However, every minute waiting in line is worth it. After the first sip, it’s like heaven. As the addictive drink glides down into a new, reenergized body.

Never forget to: Keep calm, and drink Starbucks.