Should Seniors Get a Break?


At the end of a long day filled with tests, projects and after school activities, a senior begins her homework and looks at the assignments in her planner: English essay, Gov test, Physics Utexas, Calc problems, college common app.

Managing college applications and homework can be very stressful for seniors. Many seniors believe that if their teachers decreased the workload, it would be easier for them to finish their college application.

Between afterschool sports, jobs, clubs, and homework, college applications are another thing to add to the “To Do” list. Gabriella Rizack ’13 wishes that teachers gave less homework to seniors to give them a break.

“None of my teachers are not giving work because of college applications. I barely have enough time do my homework because of all these annoying college apps,” said Rizack.

Perri Cohen ’13 agrees with Rizack and explains that, at the beginning of the year, it was difficult to manage her time between college applications and schoolwork.

“Although my teachers acknowledge that it is our senior year and we do have college apps to fill out, no teacher is really limiting the amount of work we have or at least to my knowledge,” said Cohen.

However many teachers believe that the homework given should not be the issue. Christine Radler teaches seniors in her Myth and Bible Honors class. She said that she usually gives out approximately 30 minutes of homework a night

“One of the hallmarks of older students is that they are working on their time management and adjusting their schedules as they have to balance everything,” said Radler.

Radler also mentions that every course has a curriculum planned for the year and teachers only have a certain amount of time to complete the objectives. Moving at a slower pace in class because of the decrease in homework can lead to an unfinished curriculum at the end of the year.

If the teachers were to give less homework, when would the ideal time be? The majority of early decision common applications are due Nov. 1, while the majority of regular common applications are due Jan. 1; however, Staples students are already filling out applications in September because different schools have different requirements.

“So many schools have different dates that their applications are due, so I think it would be difficult for teachers to limit the amount of work during one specific week,” said Cohen.

However both Cohen and Rizack agree that it would be more beneficial in the college process if teachers relaxed on the amount of work they gave.

“Having less homework would definitely reduce the stress levels during the first quarter of their senior year,” said Rizack.