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Ms. Addicks: A Day In The Life

On a June day in 1993, Alice Addicks arrived at Staples High School only expecting to be working for three days helping make sure students weren’t cutting class during the final weeks of school.

During one of those final days, Addicks climbed through a cafeteria window in the old Staples High School in order to catch three students attempting to leave school property.

That act of crazed dedication is what landed Ms. Addicks her job at Staples.

Now, Addicks patrols the halls as a grade level assistant for this year’s senior class. After her 18 years at Staples, Addicks has her daily routine down pat.

Each morning, Addicks arrives to her office with many emails and voicemails awaiting her. She begins her day by printing a truancy report of the previous day’s lates, tardies and unexcused absences. After compiling a list of students she must check up on by the end of the day, she heads to the cafeteria to see how many students she can cross off of her list before the 7:30 bell has rung.

The cafeteria is not only the perfect spot to locate the students she needs to see, it is also the spot where Addicks socializes with the many students who have become close with her after four years together.

“I like to chit-chat with students in the cafeteria about sports, Players, etc. I’ve met so many kids that I’ve gotten to know throughout their four years of high school just by talking to them in the caf each morning,” Addicks said.

Addicks is also active in the Staples’s Athletic Department, including running the finish line for the indoor and outdoor track team, calling the lines for the boys’ volleyball team and reffing field hockey. Before she began timing the finish line, Addicks also coached track at the old Long Lots Junior High for 20 years.

Many athletes hold a special place in their heart for Addicks, and she is often described as a true Superfan.

“Ms. Addicks and I became close through our common interest in field hockey. We always talk strategy in the hallway,” said

Emily Ashken ’12, captain of the field hockey team. “We share a love of the game.”

Although Addicks is often the one to catch those who cut class, and her presence outside the classroom door usually triggers the chorus of “Ooooooohs” from students, seniors have come to know Addicks as a friend and a supporter.

Dani Kosinki ’12 has become close with Ms. Addicks after meeting her freshman year and building a friendship throughout her years at Staples.

In fact, for this year’s Twin Day, Kosinski could be seen walking the halls in an outfit that looked identical to Addicks’ outfit. Right down to the walkie-talkie.

“Ms. Addicks is the kind of person who will show you respect if it is given in return. The Staples’ halls would not be the same without her,” Kosinski said.

Apart from her school responsibilities,

Ms. Addicks enjoys collecting butter-

flies outside of school; she began collecting in the early 90s while working at Camp Aspetuck. Her collection has flourished over the years and now includes other insects such as beetles.

“Butterflies are amazing creatures,” said Addicks. “Those little delicate creatures are monster strong.”

She is also part of a school community bowling league, and in 2010 Addicks was awarded a Triple Crown for the highest average, and the highest score in a series.

Addicks has been in the same league since she started bowling in the 90s.

Whether it is in the halls or at sporting events, students are in agreement: they love Ms. Addicks. She has been a part of the Staples community for many years and has touched the lives of students and faculty alike. As much as the Wreckers love her, Addicks feels mutually about Staples.

“I love my job,” Addicks said.

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