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Taking Charge

Typically, if a Staples student is looking to give back to the community, they simply join some sort of organization that will allow them to help out in a multitude of different ways. But for a select few, this was simply not enough.

Students like Joosje Grevers ‘12 and Nick Vega ‘14 decided that being the head of an organization was not just for adults. So, they started their own.

Along with her brother Lucas Grevers ‘14, Grevers founded the not-for-profit Just Socks and Underwear, which provides those essential pieces of clothing that most Staples students take for granted to the underprivileged that may not be able to afford them.

“The organization was started in 2004 when my dad brought home a Christmas letter from a kid who just asked for socks for Christmas from Santa Claus,” said Grevers. “There’s nothing like the feeling when we drop of dozens of bags filled with clothing and socks and underwear donations and see how happy people are to receive them.”

Lucas agreed with his sister, saying that he thought it was great that they could help improve the lives of those less fortunate in less obvious ways such as this.

Recently, the Staples Girls’ Volleyball team, of which Joosje is a prominent member, held a benefit for the charity, which Grevers said was very successful in raising funds for the project.

Meanwhile, Nick Vega and Ryder Chasin ‘14 are giving back in a slightly different way. They founded the club Wreckers In Tune, which brings together a diverse group of Staples musicians who then perform at places such as the Westport Senior Center.

“The idea of the club is to gather all of the musical talent that we have at Staples and put together performances to give back to our community,” said Vega. “My goal is to bring happiness to the lives of people who may be suffering in pain, sadness, or even boredom, because an evening of entertainment means the world to them.”

The group is composed of more than just singers. It features students who play everything from the common piano to unusual instruments like the ukulele.

Danny Pravder ‘12, a member of the club, said that he joined because “it’s a way to meet and perform with different people than I typically play with, as well as have opportunities to perform solo pieces.”

The group recently had their first performance, and according to Vega are hoping to have as many as they can to whoever wants to take a listen.

“That feeling is just awesome, when you know that you’ve made someone’s day,” said Vega. “That was my goal, and I hope to continue achieving it in the rest of my time here at Staples.”

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