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MRTs help save lives in Westport


On the job: Many Staples students become EMRs, and have an array of responsibilties and commitments, from attending classes to marching in the Memorial Day parade.|Photos contributed by Sam Bortniker '12
Sam Bortniker ’11
Web A & E Editor


First to arrive at the scene of an accident is Staples’ own students. As certified EMRs, Emergency Medical Responders previously referred to as MRTs, Staples students volunteer with the Westport ambulances and help save the lives of people in the Westport community.

“I have always wanted to help people in some way…so I decided this would be a great way to help out around town and it would be a really cool experience,” said Vice President of the Explorer Post, Lauren Kratky’11.

Adele Shenoy’11 said that she once had to call an ambulance for a family member. After witnessing how effective the EMTs were, she was inspired to get involved and help others.

Students join for their own reasons, whether it be because of a personal experience, an interest in medicine, or finding a unique way to become actively engaged in the community, these students put tremendous amount of effort and dedication in to help the people of Westport.

“When you go out on the ambulance and when you start work in the field you are expected to know all of that material and be talented enough in your skills that you can perform them under pressure and save a life” said Rachel Laundau ’11, currently the president of the Explorer Post. The Westport Explorer Post 601 is a chance for students to acquire medical training in order to work with the Westport Ambulance.

Jen Abrams’11 said that the Sunday classes were four to five hours long and she and her friends would study additionally in order to prepare for the tests and practicals mimicking real life scenarios.

After completing the EMR course, students help out in the EMR class, take the EMT class, and work shifts on the Westport ambulances.

“I think my responsibility to the community has changed…it’s really cool because even though I’m still in high school I can actually help people,” said Abrams. After being certified, Abrams continues to volunteer for a shift on the Westport ambulance and even teaches CPR classes.

“I feel lucky to have this opportunity to help my community. It is a great feeling, knowing that you are prepared and contributing to making your community a healthier place,” said Landau.

Lauren Wessan ’12, the secretary of the Explorer Post, and Kenzie Roof ’12 both said that it is a great feeling to be able to give back to the community through their passion of medicine.

Being certified as a basic EMR, or continuing training to become an EMT, is accompanied by the feeling of responsibility and the desire to help.

“When you see someone get hurt I have a responsibility to help them and even if I am not in uniform. It is nice to know that I have the training to help people if they are ever in need of it,” said Kratky.

Abrams and Shenoy also said now that they are properly trained, even if they are not on duty they are willing to help and it is a great feeling knowing that they are capable of helping others.

Landau said even though it is time consuming, riding in the ambulance, helping train other crewmembers, it is all worth it because you never know how many lives the person you’ve trained will save.

Passionate about the EMS program, seniors Abrams, Kratky, Landau, and Shenoy all plan to volunteer for their college ambulance.

The students in this program train for hours on end to protect and save members of the Westport community. They share their knowledge and teach peers the necessary skills to become an EMR, some become CPR instructors, others continue to volunteer on the ambulance.

It seems that no matter their original cause for involvement, after certification their passion and dedication continue to grow past what’s required of them.

“Something that has really stood out to me is how invested the people are that work for this service. Everyone that is a part of Westport EMS knows that what they are doing is really meaningful work and the volunteers that give up their time for this,” Kratky said.

Not only does the Westport community greatly appreciate what these students are doing, but so do the more advanced volunteers.

Landau and Kratky noted that they will be holding fundraisers for the Westport EMS. Selling bracelets and are excited and hoping that this article will spread awareness about the students like them who volunteer and work so hard.

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