Your guide to eating sushi in Westport

Your guide to eating sushi in Westport

By Rebecca Rawizer ’17

While the quest for good sushi can get expensive and limited, Westport’s sushi scene is, fortunately, impressive. As someone who could live off of sushi, I have enough experience eating to confirm that Matsu Sushi is the best sushi restaurant in town.

Matsu Sushi is located in prime downtown Westport, giving customers plenty to do before and after their meal. The restaurant is bright, casual and welcoming with a wall of windows and a lit up bar that makes the restaurant equally popular in the day and night. The workers always have a smile on their face and remember your name.
Not only are the waiters kind, but the service is extremely fast. You don’t have to wait long after ordering your food; the sushi chefs are very efficient and talented. The fish at Matsu tastes the freshest in town. They give generous portions for a much cheaper price than other sushi restaurants in the area.
Each bite is fresh, has the perfect amount of flavor and is presented beautifully. My favorite roll is the Jade roll which is spicy tuna, salmon and yellowtail topped with avocado. It is eight unforgettable bites. While the atmosphere at Matsu may be simple and their presentations less trendy, if you’re looking for great, authentic, fresh sushi, with amazing service, Matsu is the place to go.

Pink Sumo is also situated in prime downtown location. Their restaurant has a cool vibe, it is dimly lit, partly underground and has a trendy light up bar. Due to its darker atmosphere, it is better for dinner. However, they have a great deal at happy hour from 3:00 till 6:00.
The waiters are kind but the service can be slow sometimes. The food is always presented beautifully with thought and love and the fish is fresh and flavorful. The portions tend to be smaller but each bite is worth savoring. My favorite special roll there is called the rising sun roll, which is like nothing I have ever tasted. It is spicy, crunchy tuna and avocado topped with yellowtail and salmon with a mystery sauce that is life changing.
Pink sumo is on the expensive side but the delicious food and atmosphere are worth the price. I recommend going during Happy Hour and receiving great deals on delicious food.

Tengda is located on the other side of town but in good location off of the Post Road. The atmosphere is very cool, trendy and spacious. The service is good and the workers are happy to serve you.
The fish is fresh, tastes amazing and is presented beautifully. The food is definitely Americanized, however, there are also traditional options which are very good.
While the sushi tastes great, the rice doesn’t seem as fresh and tends to fall apart. Despite that, the sushi is delicious and they have so many options. I recommend the tuna lovers roll if you’re a tuna lover like myself.

Yama Fuji is a very popular sushi destination in Westport and I continue to wonder why this is the case. It is located on the busy Post Road, close to Southport.
One thing that makes Yama Fuji special is that it is presented like art. The design of the plate and the presentation of the food is beautiful and unique.
It has a simple, nice atmosphere, however it is extremely small, allowing very few people to eat there. The fish does not taste very fresh. The color of the tuna is off, almost looking neon, and the spicy tuna seems to be more spicy mayo and crunch than tuna itself.

Westport has an abundance of sushi options that will fulfill all of your sushi needs. While Tengda and Yama Fuji are very good, your best meal will be at either Pink Sumo or Matsu.