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Tendga holiday party displays customer appreciation

On Dec. 10, Tengda Westport threw their annual exclusive holiday party to celebrate the past year and show their customer appreciation.

Charlotte Smith '21, Staff Writer

January 1, 2020

Between hibachi chicken, fried rice, sesame salad, sushi rolls and dumplings, Tengda Westport was decked out with all of their most popular meals. With buffet-style food and an open bar, customers chatted, socialized and celebrated the approaching holiday season.  On Dec. 10, Tengda hosted their fift...

Your guide to eating sushi in Westport

Your guide to eating sushi in Westport

June 7, 2017

By Rebecca Rawizer '17 While the quest for good sushi can get expensive and limited, Westport’s sushi scene is, fortunately, impressive. As someone who could live off of sushi, I have enough experience eating to confirm that Matsu Sushi is the best sushi restaurant in town. Matsu Sushi is l...

Tengda Asian Bistro Review

Photo by Jeremy Dreyfuss '11

September 21, 2010

Jeremy Dreyfuss '11 Web News Editor Nestled away in a modest shopping center off of Westport’s Post Road is one of Fairfield County’s biggest dining gems, Tengda Asian Bistro. Now in its eighth year of business in a town of many pristine eateries, Tengda has gained a reputation of being one of Westport’s most e...

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