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Staples High School “Spirit Week” Seeks to Unify Student Body

Photo By: Julia Lindwall ‘16

Autumn has so much in store for the student community here at Staples High School. Sporting events and club rush are only a couple of the more entertaining aspects of coming back to school.

Entering the fourth week of school, students are beginning to develop new relationships with their peers and need to develop a sense of belonging within the student body. There is no better way of doing this than an organized week that values togetherness and camaraderie. Yes that’s right Staples; it’s spirit week.

Spirit week is a series of five school days in which students dress in different ways all depending on the category of the day. “It is a week for all the students to come together and show our passion for the school” states Samantha Pacilio ‘19.
This year the schedule for spirit week will be as follows; Monday- PJ Day, Tuesday- Twin Day, Wednesday- USA Day, Thursday- Color War, Friday- Homecoming/Pink Out.

Marta Clanton ‘17 is an avid participator in social events at Staples. Here, she gives insight on what she has worn during spirit week in the past, “I always wear a cute onesie for PJ day, for twin day just try to find something simple but well known and identifiable” Clanton .

Regarding USA day and Color War, Staples graduate, Nikki Lynch ‘16, had an annual routine to showcase her spirit. “Boas, facepaint, whistles, and funky socks were only a few of my Staples. I really did love to go all out during spirit week,” said Lynch.

Although the vast majority of students at Staples participate in spirit week many choose not to. However, almost the whole student body finds their spirit for homecoming, a day that truly is representative of school pride.

Tabitha Burke ‘19 underlines the importance of involvement in Homecoming spirit day. “Homecoming is the climax of all the build up throughout the week, it’s when we come together as a school, and show others who we truly are,” said Burke.
As Spirit Week approaches it is important to keep in mind its significance, unifying the school and developing a sense of community.

Ziggy Hallgarten ‘17 discussed the overarching importance of this week, “[Spirit Week] gives people a chance to showcase school support in a variety of different ways that allows the entire school to contribute to school spirit” said Hallgarten.

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