Cold temperatures defrosted by favorite coats


As temperatures drop it gets to the point where it’s crucial to dress for warmth instead of just focusing on fashion. Coats come into play and are a necessary addition to every outfit. With hundreds of different coat styles here are the coat superlatives.

Easiest to bring to school

Students push off having to wear a coat for weeks because of the burden of carrying it around school. But when the chill finally gets to you, coats that come with storage built into the actual jacket are the perfect compromise between warmth and convenience.

Cassie Cohen ’16 wears a thick down jacket by BCBGeneration with an attached bag it can be easily compressed into. “After I take it off I can scrunch it up and store if for the day,” Cohen said. This jacket allows for easy carrying and is very practical.

Most Versatile

Quilted collared jackets can be dressed up for events or dressed down for school making them very adaptable.

Sam Kratky ’15 wears a Burberry quilted jacket because, “It’s nice looking, so I can wear it if I’m going somewhere nice. It’s also really warm but not too bulky so it’s easy to wear it to school.”

The Most Classic

Claire Maki’s ’16 go to coat is her red J. Crew peacoat. Peacoats are timeless, have been in style for centuries and are unlikely to go out of style anytime soon. They were earliest documented in the 1720’s and are still easy to find in stores.

“I wear it all the time because it’ classy yet fun,” Maki said. “It’s works with just jeans or even over a dress.” Pea coats can be found in varying lengths and colors to spice up any outfit.

As much as people may see the cold as a fashion burden, it can be an opportunity so change up outfits with cute coats. It doesn’t have to be with the help of stylish coats.