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Peachwave should be the new fro-yo crave

Aaron Hendel
Ten of the 60+ toppings that Peachwave has to offer, featuring Reese’s Pieces and M&M’s.

Ever since arriving last summer on Post Road near the Norwalk border, Peachwave has gained popularity from Westport’s many frozen yogurt lovers.

But the way these froyo joints draw in customers is not just based on the taste of their products; rather, (and more importantly), it’s what makes their specific brand unique. Because in a town where the only thing more common than frozen yogurt is a bank, uniqueness to separate the unsatisfactory from the good from the best is the key factor.

It’s not that Peachwave’s products just taste good, which they do; they taste natural. It has a strong health initiative.

All 16 available flavors were either non-dairy, low or non-fat, or containing no added sugar. Banana, my personal favorite, doesn’t taste like a calorie inducing, artificial mix. On the contrary, it tastes like genuine banana mixed with some pure, nourishing frozen yogurt.

Another vital component that differs Peachwave from the rest of the pack is its variety, with 67 flavors in rotation. Additionally, I’ve never seen more toppings in a frozen yogurt or ice cream place.

I counted 68, plus 11 sauces, ranging from basic fruits and sprinkles to raspberry truffles, brownie bites, not just gummy worms but sour gummy worms, and hot caramel sauce.

Furthermore, a frozen yogurt business that sells waffles and froyo cakes is also a nice touch.

And isn’t it just the worst when, after stacking and stocking a cup for 10 minutes, there’s nowhere to sit and enjoy it? At Peachwave, that problem is nonexistent. It has the most available seating out of all the frozen yogurt places in town.

Taste is only a piece of the frozen yogurt puzzle; it’s still incredibly crucial. Peachwave has that, but it’s the other traits—the toppings, the atmosphere, the health factor—that make them so great.

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