Drake’s new album strays from the past


Album cover from MTV

Mat Jacowleff, Staff Writer

Drake has thrown the latest punch in this year’s hip-hop-mania.

2013 has been one of hip-hop’s best years in recent memory with heavy hitters such as Jay Z,  J. Cole,  Kanye West,  Mac Miller, 2 Chainz and Big Sean all releasing albums. However, on Sept. 24, Drake was back in the limelight again after releasing his third studio album called “Nothing Was the Same.”

Before its release, Drake made it known that the album would specifically focus on the more thoughtful, soulful side of his music, straying from the Lil Wayne-influenced music that he released with his 2010 album “Thank Me Later.”

The album still has its versatility, ranging from a heavy load of songs that make you want to lay down in bed and call your ex, to bangers that get the blood pumping. My favorites include, “Tuscan Leather,” “Started From the Bottom,” “The Language” and “All Me.”

The album really hits its stride with “All Me,” and “Hold On, We’re Going Home.” Drake recruited Big Sean and 2 Chainz to pitch in on “All Me,” which was clearly intended to be played at nightclubs across America while Drake makes it rain $100 bills.

Then the album switches back as Drake serenades an unspecified girl in “Hold on, We’re Going Home.” The song practically repeats the same five lines over and over again, but the background vocals provided by Majid Jordan and the brilliant use of synthesizers fills the song with emotion, really encapsulating the entire album.

Although most of this album isn’t intended to be played on full volume with your windows down in downtown Westport, it is a stereotypical break-up album that is perfect to listen as you lay shamefully alone in your bed. Together, I think the contrast of  hard-hitting rap and soft-soul music sums up Drake’s growth throughout his career. I give it a solid 7/10.