The Era of the Girl Crush


After The Hunger Games came out, women and girls obsessed over the adorable antics of Jennifer Lawrence. For Mila Kunis, it was Friends with Benefits. For those who seem love the never-changing half smile of Kristen Stewart, it was Twilight.


As these young women forged their paths into the cinematic world of the 21st century, a new type of celebrity obsession began. The “girl crush”.


“It isn’t necessarily a crush, as someone would say normally, its more of an ‘Oh i think shes hot.’” said Hannah Myers ’14. “I define a girl crush as when a straight girl thinks another girl is really attractive and appealing (not just visually) and would really have no issue flirting with or potentially dating said girl.” said Jessica Gross ’15, “Usually it’s a celebrity or somebody else totally unattainable.” It means something a little bit different to anyone. But everyone seems to have one.


The common girl crush seems to be a beautiful celebrity woman, usually one who has played a strong role in the movie they have starred in. Isabel Perry ’15 said, “I think girls have crushes on celebrity girls that they aspire to be like.” Sometimes these women are aspirational because of their beauty, their fame, or even their fortune.


There are a few Hollywood heroines that seem to be stealing the hearts of girls worldwide. Most girls fall for the adorable antics of Jennifer Lawrence, the graceful superiority of Leighton Meester, even the cowgirl charm of Miley Cyrus. “Emma Watson is flawless. That accent and her angelic qualities get me every time.” said Perry.


However, as the girl crush develops, boys seem to be less and less public about the celebrities they are obsessing over. Long gone are the days that Megan Fox and Halle Berry were the constant topic of conversation. While girls develop appreciation for their gender, boys seem to alienate themselves from celebrity obsessions. “I’m sure on some level they do [obsess], but it is far less acceptable socially.” said Gross.


However, Isabel Perry ’15 has faith in the male to male crush. “Guys 100% have crushes on guy celebs. I mean come on, Ryan Gosling? How could you not…”