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Grammys: A Recap of the Music Industry’s Biggest Awards Show

In an interview before the actual show, country singer Miranda Lambert described the impending Grammys as a night in which the viewers could, “let music heal.” As poetic as this statement was, I was completely expecting this idea to fly out the window as soon as the show began.

Instead, the 2012 Grammys were a culmination of the absolute best artists in the business. There were many memorable moments – both good and bad – throughout the show. Not to mention, Adele had one of the best comebacks I have ever witnessed in my 16 years.


Bruno Mars – “Runaway Baby”

I have always loved Bruno Mars, and his James Brown-inspired performance was no exception. From landing a split, to his perfectly synchronized dance moves, there was no better way to kick off the show.

Jennifer Hudson – “I Will Always Love You”

Wow. That’s really the only word that truly sums upHudson’s flawless rendition of “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston. It brought tears to my eyes, even though I was never particularly fond ofHouston. The emotional performance displayedHudson’s outstanding voice, while reiterating the idea of using music to heal. It was said over and over how muchHoustonwould have loved this year’s Grammys, but more than that, I think thatHoustonwould have been so incredibly moved by the performance.

Beach Boys Make a ‘Comeback’

It started off fine, with Foster the People and Maroon 5 performing Beach Boys’ classics. To my regret, the original Beach Boys joined them on stage and tried to sound like those hip young guys my grandma once fawned over. Tried and failed, that is. All I’m going to say is that you know your reign as music royalty is over when the people singing your music sound better than you do. Sorry Nana, it’s true.

Rihanna and Coldpay – “Princess of China

I love Rihanna, and I love Coldplay. But together, the two didn’t make such sweet music. While Princess of China is one of my favorite songs, the duet was a little pitchy. Rihanna and Coldplay are both extremely talented, but all in all I expected better from both.

Nicki Minaj Bringing a Bishop

Although I tend to love her music, I’ve come to accept that Nicki Minaj is bizarre. It’s as if she was trying to piss people off by showing up to the Grammys in a wacky outfit and a bishop by her side. What was with that? And don’t even get me started on her performance. I’ve already seen this act with Lady Gaga and I’m not ready to get used to it again.

Adele Sings After Surgery

After her recent struggles with a hemorrhage in her throat, I figured Adele would grab one or two Grammys and be on her merry way. Instead, she stole the night. The standing ovation she received after singing “Rolling in the Deep” was enough to make anyone tear up. Adele rocked it. Her outfit was dazzling, her voice was perfection, and she won all six of the categories she was nominated for. What a comeback.

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