Cover Your “Burr” with a Little Bit of Fur

Say goodbye to those hot summer days and say hello to chilly tomorrows. That’s right; seasons are changing and it’s time to talk about the new winter/fall trends.

The most popular trend, seen in almost every designer collection, and in every storefront window, is fur.

Fur, fur, fur; designers can’t get enough of the cozy material this season. Not only will you see your typical outdoor fur jackets, but this season fur is taking a step inside.

Fur has always been something accessorized on heavy winter jackets that keep you warm when outside. Now with fur making its way onto vests, boots, and purses, you can show off your cute looks inside as well.

In a recent trip to Saks, I couldn’t help but notice the fact that indoor fur vests were everywhere. They are perfect to wear over a plain long-sleeved shirt that will surely keep you warm inside and outside.

Fur is also a hot trend on boots and booties. Little pops of fur is seen all of the outside of boots making they cute, chic, and new; a little something to make this winter and fall unique from all the rest.

Now of course for all of the PETA representatives who would “rather go naked than wear fur,” you can still get in on the trend. Faux fur is very hot and is seen almost everywhere. Designers not only now make pieces in fur, but also make faux fur pieces to appeal to a wider range of customers and to cut the costs tremendously.

Get ready to welcome some comfy classics, made new, into your winter/fall wardrobe. It’s going to be a cozy season indoors and out.