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Dyeing for a Little Change: Students Change Hair Colors for Self-Esteem, Others on Impulse

Photo By Melanie Mignucci '12

Staples students have been trying many new things lately. From leather jackets to cartoon lunchboxes and oversized headphones, a range of diverse influences is evident in the student body.

One of the most notable changes students have been making, however, is the color of their hair.

Changing the color of one’s hair is an obvious way to reinvent one’s overall appearance, but in doing so, many seek a transformation that is more just for their external image.

Morgan Brown ’12 experienced an overall mental improvement when she changed her hair color from golden blonde to jet black.

“The drastic change is new and excisting. It makes me feel fresh and revived in a way,” Brown said.

Brown adds that the approach of cold weather also added to her incentive to change her hair color.

“With winter starting, I just wanted something different,” Brown said.

Annika Holbrook ’12 looked for a simple, subtle and fun change when she dyed her brown hair to a slighthly darker shade.

Nevertheless, the outcome revitalized her state of mind.

“Originally, going darker was just an experiment. But dying it definitely stimulated me as a whole,” Holbrook said.

“Like any change you make to your appearance, as long as you’re happy with it, it will boost your esteem,” she said.

This apparent raise in self-confidence entails a raise in overall happiness and well-being.

Conversely, when Chris Lametta ’11 bleached his brown locks as a result of losing a bet, he did not experience the self-esteem boost others have.

“[Dying my hair] really hurt. It burned my scalp,” Lametta said.

Although his hair coloring treatment worked successfully, and he now walks the halls with blonde locks, Lametta says he would “never consider doing it again.”

According to self-employed beautician Debi Hayes, Lametta’s conclusion may be a wise one.

Though Hayes dyes clients’ hair frequently, she reports that many people that give in to the trend are unaware of its potential health risks.

“Dyeing chemicals can sometimes be harmful. The results may look great, but it is necessary to take some safety measures,” Hayes said.

For those who seek a change in their hair color, Hayes recommends natural products.

“Take extra precaution and look at the ingredients in the dye. It is possible to get a bad allergic reaction,” Hayes said.

Hopefully, students will be wary of their safety as the trend of hair dying continues to grow.

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