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New Games Coming to a Controller Near You

Jon Watson ’12
Staff Writer

COD. It’s not your mom calling you to a fish dinner, it’s the greatest video game in the world, and its newest version is coming. Soon.

In fact, this year promises the return to the world of gaming of several much-loved series, namely Gears of War, Fable and the Famed Call of Duty series. A few big name games are already on sale such as Red Dead Redemption and Splinter Cell Conviction.

The most popular game in the world right now is Call of Duty-Modern Warfare Two; released just six months ago, it has already sold seven million copies. In the first 48 hours of its release, there were over two million people playing on its Multiplayer modes, more people than there are in total in the U.S armed forces. Even six months later, hundreds of thousands of people still play daily. Fresh from this success, a new Call of Duty is on the way, due the end of this year, called Call of Duty-Spec Ops.

Bestselling author Tom Clancy returns to the gaming world with his new game, Splinter Cell: Convictions, the main character in the previous installments, Sam, is back, and very angry. The game pits you as a player against well-trained, armed and equipped mercenaries; you only really have whatever you find, your bare hands and some crazy skills.

One of the more controversial gaming groups, Rock Star, released its new insane brain child, Red Dead Redemption on 5/18/10. Red Dead Redemption takes you out west for a bloody, entertaining adventure. The campaign sends you on a mission to hunt down the members of your former gang while trying to survive in the incredibly dangerous west; the free mode lets you run around with your friends, whether it is fighting bandits or painting the town red, literally.

The acclaimed Gears of War series is also making a comeback. The game known for its bloody graphics and overmuscled, solely guy cast will be returning for its much anticipated third installment, this time featuring its first girl main character. Many people are waiting with bated breath for the return of the chainsaw gun, and other highly destructive weapons.

Lion Head Games is returning with the Fable series is also in its third game. You are now the previous hero’s child, and the world appears to have finally ended the Middle Ages and entered the Industrial age, under tyrannical rule. It’s your job to overthrow the tyrant and take power for yourself. It’s up to you whether you want to keep your promises and make situations better or worse.

This year looks to be the best on in ages with these games and dozens of other great titles soon to hit the shelves.

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