Remi Levitt ’21

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After spending a relaxing and enjoyable summer in her dream destination Morocco, Remi Levitt ’21 is looking forward to the upcoming year in Advanced Journalism. This year Levitt is a staff writer, and she is most excited to write articles about fashion and lifestyle.
Her interest in the fashion world stems from her experience starting her own lifestyle blog. She started the blog, Coat of Love, two years ago, with the goal of showing off her newfound style. Different blog posts include features on trends, food and beauty products. Because of this, Levitt believes that writing articles for the A&E section, specifically focused on fashion, “will be a really familiar and fun opportunity to be able to do something so similar, but for a school newspaper.”
Adding to her love for fashion, Levitt chose to take Advanced Journalism because, “writing has always been a creative outlet for me.”

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