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The Gilmore Girls Revival completes me

The Gilmore Girls Revival completes me

November 30, 2016

Eliza Goldberg '17 I have been an avid fan of Gilmore Girls before Netflix had streaming. Every time I would go to my cousin’s house, I would pile onto the couch with at least three of my cousins and watch hours of the series on DVD. We were pretty into it—and oftentimes our whole family would t...

The start of something new; Disney Channel surprises fans with “High School Musical Four” announcement

The start of something new; Disney Channel surprises fans with “High School Musical Four” announcement

Margot Mather, Staff Writer

March 4, 2016

A life-changing decision was made on March first- no not the Super Tuesday polls- much more important.   Disney Channel has announced it will officially be producing “High School Musical Four”.   Get your head in the game “High School Musical” fans, it’s happening. &nb...

2011: The Year of the Sequels

2011: The Year of the Sequels

January 2, 2011

As we enter a new decade, it is becoming more difficult for blockbusters to spring from novel ideas. Instead, studios and screenwriters alike are choosing to continue on with juggernaut series. In 2011, the trend continues. This year will be the year of the sequels. Here’s a list of movies sure to be a crow favorite – an...

What is Horror?

What is Horror?

November 12, 2010

Image via Wikipedia I don't want to hear it anymore. “Oh my god, I was watching the new ‘Halloween’ last weekend and it is so much better than the original.” Or “Dude, me and my girlfriend were watching ‘Hannibal Rising’ and it made ‘Silence of the Lambs’ look like ‘Lilo and Stitch!’” Make it stop. Please. I am writing this colu...

Top Two Hottest Books in America: Through the Eyes of Library Media Specialist Julia Roberts

Zeitoun by Dave Eggers

September 21, 2010

Sammy Warshaw '12 A&E Editor 1)     Suzanne Collins’ most recent, “Hunger Games” trilogy is at the top of Julia Roberts’ list, for its cultural significance and universal appeal. Ever since Collins exploded onto the scene with her “Underland Chronicles” series, she has been kno...

New Games Coming to a Controller Near You

May 28, 2010

Jon Watson '12 Staff Writer COD. It’s not your mom calling you to a fish dinner, it’s the greatest video game in the world, and its newest version is coming. Soon. In fact, this year promises the return to the world of gaming of several much-loved series, namely Gears of War, Fable and the Fam...

Inklinations: Getting “Lost”

May 20, 2010

By Julia Freidman '11 and Mel Mignucci '12 Staff Writer and A&E Editor After six seasons the series finale of ABC's "Lost" is Sun., May 23; watch the slideshow to view students' theories on how the show will come to an end. Then scroll down to the bottom and vote for your favorite "Lost" charac...

Anime Club Will Go to Boston for Conference

A Different Type of Art: Members of the anime club know not only how to appreciate the medium, but they know how to draw it beautifully as well. | Graphic by Maddie Kimble ‘12

April 1, 2010

Members of the Staples Anime Club will go to Boston, Mass. this upcoming weekend for an annual conference to celebrate Japanese animation, comics, and pop culture with other anime fans. “[At the conference], we will be able to watch television series, go to anime panels, observe anime costuming, see screenings of new anime show...

Filmaking Hits the Courts: Friedson Turns Rec into Way of Life

MAN WITH A CAUSE: Rec’s legend must be shared with those less fortunate, those unfortunately without Rec. | Photo by Meghan Prior

March 26, 2010

Alix Neenan '12 Graphics Editor Mike Friedson ’10 really likes Rec Basketball. Wait. Mike Friedson really likes Rec Basketball. “Rec is the quintessential essence of existence. It is the light,” said the obviously Rec–obsessed senior. Friedson’s fascination with Rec could possibly explain why he has decided to take on the...

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