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Kneads bakery stirs up a unique experience

Kneads bakery, cafe and mill opened on Riverside Avenue in Saugatuck on September 5. It serves both breakfast and lunch while making 100 percent whole wheat organic flour milled in the store.

Ella Alpert '22 and Katie Simons '22

October 5, 2020

Chez 180 serves innovative baking to Westport

Chez 180, located at 180 Post Road East, is Westports new bakery, serving a wide variety of pastries and other treats. Croissants and cookies are on display.

Lucy Zuckerman '22, Staff Writer

February 24, 2020

The smell of fresh baked croissants drifts through the door. The sight of smiling workers and colorful pastries is the first thing to be seen. Chez 180, located at 180 Post Road East is the new bakery that Westport needed.  Jodi Oh is one of the investors that started Chez 180 and is excited abou...

Frequent foodstagrammer shares her tips

Frequent foodstagrammer shares her tips

Taylor Harrington, Breaking News Managing Editor

March 23, 2015

The real question is: if you didn’t Instagram your food, then did you really eat it? Two-years-ago, I became an avid baker, and Instagram was my way of displaying my creations. After posting a few photos of fat, bakery-style cookies and receiving positive reactions ranging from “Do you deliver?”...

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