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The only girl surrounded by a brand-new Bernese Mountain puppy and four brothers (one a twin) Katie Cion is used to chaos.  She believes that she thrives in it, which is one of the reasons she and Inklings are such a perfect match.  The bedlam, she says, “is a lot like home”.

A multi-talented member of the Staples community, Katie dedicates her time not only to Inklings, but also TAG, the Yearbook, Student Ambassadors, National Honors Society, and Spanish National Honors Society.  An English lover, Katie’s pursuit of Inklings and journalism helped bring her appreciation of reading and writing into a real world application.

“I’m not sure if I want to pursue a career in journalism, but if I do I want to write long-form articles, like in magazines.  It’s so cool to combine the literary and reporting aspects, to see all the work the writer(s) put in, and to have all those little details,” Cion said.

With a wide range of articles ranging from news to sports to opinions, Cion’s prowess in the literary field is clearly apparent, as is the pride she takes in her position as Editor-in-Chief this year.

“It was so rewarding to know the people I looked up to thought I would do a good job,” Cion said.  “It was nice to get affirmation from people you respect.”

With an equally impressive and overwhelming schedule, it is remarkable how well Katie manages herself.  Her composure and kindness make her not only a phenomenal addition to the Inklings staff, but also a thoughtful and capable leader.

Katie Cion, Editor-in-Chief

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