Staples Superfans fails to promote school spirit, support players


The Staples Superfans group encourages Wreckers to attend as many sports games as they can whether they be at their home field or at another school.

Dana Perelberg '20, Paper Managing Editor

Every day, my notifications are flooded with posts from the Staples Superfans 2019-20 Facebook group. Students promote their sports games, promising to defeat the opposition. They encourage students to come out and support them; however, bleachers remain empty as students swipe away the notification 

Superfans calls themselves “the best,” but are often unspirited and unsupportive. The fan sections can be quiet with the exception of seniors, or empty with very few students on the stands.

The Staples Superfans Facebook group boasts 968 members, which is about half of the Staples student population. Although this is still a large amount, all Staples students are meant to be included.

The group’s primary purpose is to encourage students to support their friends at each and every game.  But, beyond the main football games such as Homecoming and White Out, few people attend games besides seniors, barely filling up half the stands. If the group is unable to gather students for each game, then it serves little purpose besides advertising and disappointing players that expected more than an audience of ten parents.

 I understand that students cannot attend every game. I am not a huge fan of sports and although I try my best to sit through an entire game, I often can barely get through the first 15 minutes. However, I understand the value of encouraging my peers and attending their games. Just a few extra students showing up a game could make a difference. 

However, the Superfans environment usually seems to be a breeding ground for hatred and arguments. In the past, there have been posts going after others’ friends and personal lives. This year, there were multiple fights among students about spirit and attending games, which were all completely unnecessary. 

Now, I do not think that we should get rid of the Superfans group altogether. Superfans has become a tradition, and many students would be upset if this were to be destroyed. It also does have positive elements, as it allows for the promotion of clubs and notifies students about school events. 

However, I think students need to be more mindful of what they’re posting and essentially broadcasting to hundreds of their peers. Superfans is meant to be a fun place to post announcements and encourage others to attend games, and students need to keep that in mind. It should not be fueling arguments and it should not be used to attack other students.

Instead of bombarding the group with last minute ticket sales, or arguing about captains,  students should utilize the Superfans group as an opportunity to communicate with their classmates about school events and spread school spirit.