Sophomore Prom, Juniors Welcome

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Sophomore Prom, Juniors Welcome

Caroline Rossi, Web Features Editor

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Junior prom is going to be a bit different this year.

And by different, I mean that junior girls have had some competition.

And by competition, I mean sophomore girls.

Who would have thought?

According to my own calculations and stellar record keeping, the spring dance right around the corner has at least 15 sophomore girls attending. This junior boy treachery needs to be addressed.

Let’s rewind for a second to the Counties dance. Junior girls began asking in the bitter end of August. That’s right, five months before the actual dance in January. And while all you boys were busy guffawing at the absurdity of starting so early, what you didn’t realize is that we were actually doing you a service.

The large majority of you had a date. That’s right—we girls went out of our ways, agonizing for weeks over who should ask whom so everyone was satisfied.

Seeing as it all began in August, you could say we spent a significant portion of our summers doing extreme matchmaking to make sure no one was left out, and everyone was happy.  Picture this—while vacationing in France at the end of this past summer, I found myself being bombarded with messages from back home, with updates from my friends about the lengthening list of dates, and demands as to why I hadn’t yet asked mine.

Needless to say, as my phone bill quickly rose, my patience quickly declined.

So what’s the deal? Prom comes around, and how do we get repaid? The majority of boys wait until April to ask their dates, many of them sophomore girls. Sure, I understand if a certain junior boy wants to take his sophomore girlfriend. That’s legit. But when there is a perfectly suitable array of junior girls waiting to be asked, what’s stopping you from asking one of them?


Not only have girls been left without dates, but those of us who were lucky enough to be asked early on were still stuck with the stressful task of matching up our friends who had been left high-and-dry so they would have a chance to be in on the fun. Both dances this year, it seems that the girls have been left with not-so-enjoyable burdens. And after all we did for you back in the winter? Come on, boys. The least you could do is return the favor.

Don’t get me wrong. I really don’t have anything against sophomore girls. Most of them are lovely people. However, what I’m less than pleased about is the situation they have created by their takeover of what is typically considered to be a uniting junior class event. Many groups consist of girls who hardly know each other. Friend groups have been split up, making for an awkward pre and after party dynamic. There are still some girls who are going to miss out on their first prom.

It is what it is, I suppose. With only a week to go, I think it’s safe to say that the junior girls are going to have to deal with the cards they were dealt. But perhaps we won’t be so considerate when Red and Whites rolls around…

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