JJ’s Must Have Websites


JJ Clarke ’12
A&E Editor


I try to keep up with skateboarding and this is by far the best website to do it on. The Berrics, is a private skate park owned by professional skateboarders Steve Berra and Eric Koston (Berra + Eric = Berrics). Berra updates the site frequently with original content all done at the skate park.


I love the Onion, their articles never fail to impress me, and the best part about them is that I don’t even have to read the articles to laugh; the headlines are enough for that. The videos are also priceless.


It’s pretty self-explanatory; right handed people drawing cartoons with their left hands, they are usually funny, but even if they aren’t, they look funny because they are so badly drawn.


I attempt to make remixes of songs, and Jamglue is the easiest resource because everything is in one place, I can find vocal tracks, instrumental tracks, they are all there. It’s far more convenient than taking the originals and changing them yourself, which can be a grueling process taking hours of concentrated time. And then I can incorporate those into remixes much easier with their mixer.


I assume everybody has heard of Pandora online radio, which is good, but after finding last.fm I’m never switching back. Last.fm looks at all the songs in a person’s library, takes into account which ones the user listens to the most, and creates a music profile for what music you’d like and there is always a “Recommended Music” station, giving one the opportunity to discover new artists. Plus they have an application that they call a “Scrobbler,” which allows a user to see their profile, their friends profiles and it also keeps track of what they listen to, giving the user bands that he or she might like based on the song being played.