Bin Laden Killed by American Special Forces

Bin Laden Killed by American Special Forces

Photo from MCT Campus

Nearly 10 years after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, U.S. officials reported Sunday night that Osama bin Laden, creator of the terrorist group Al-Qaeda, has been killed.

According to President Barack Obama, the CIA has carried out an operation to kill bin Laden. Obama stated that a possible lead to the whereabouts of Bin Laden was given to him in August 2010. The lead pointed to a compound deep inside Pakistan. One week ago, Obama determined that enough intelligence was available to carry out the operation. On Sunday, under Obama’s direction, American special forces killed bin Laden after a firefight, and his body has been taken into custody.

“Justice has been done,” said Obama during the national announcement. “This is a good and historic day for both our nations [U.S. and Pakistan].”

Bin Laden is thought to be the mastermind behind several terrorist attacks taking place in the U.S., most notably the September 11 attacks.