Fundraising for Haiti Relief


Graphic by Alix Neenan ’12

Sammy Warshaw ’12
Staff Writer

Graphic by Alix Neenan '12

On Tuesday, Jan. 12, Haiti was hit with a devastating earthquake, resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths. Some students have done all they can to aid these victims by holding bake sales, fundraisers, and other charitable events. Clubs like AIDS Awareness and Build On have devoted their time and effort to helping the cause.

Nicolette Weinbaum ’12, the president of the AIDS Awareness Club, has made it her duty to raise money.

“We had the first bake sale fundraiser to raise as much money as possible to send to American Red Cross Haiti relief efforts on very short notice,” Weinbaum said. She started this club at the beginning of the year, planning to focus mostly on AIDS awareness, but she has recently decided to focus on the Haiti crisis.

“I’ve done a lot of research on where money donations would be the most useful. I’ve learned that this much money would make a difference in the Haiti Relief and Development sponsored by American Red Cross,” she said.  Weinbaum has raised approximately $300 for the cause in the past two and one-half weeks.

Jordan Glick ‘11, Vice President of the Build On club, explains that the initial country that the club was going to focus on was Haiti, a fortunate coincidence. Glick is driven to promote new ways of fundraising in any way possible.

“We have big fundraising goals and high hopes for this year, and we love to see the support of the Staples community whenever possible,” Glick says. As for the money, Glick believes that Build On is using it wisely. Glick says, “all the money goes straight to the Build On organization, who uses it to build schools in third world countries and improve education in underprivileged areas.” At the most recent bake sale, Glick believes to have collected approximately $330.

Bake sales and donations are not the only ways Staples students are fundraising. Joss Abel ’12, took part in the “Swim for Haiti” that was run by the Swim Team and local organization, Water Rats. Each swimmer gained a sponsor that would donate a pledge to the relief efforts.

“Everyone involved with Staples boys and girls swim and dive, along with Water Rats were involved, so quite a fair amount of swimmers. And it was great to give back to people in need of some help by doing what we do every day,” said Abel.

“Now is the best time to donate, when they need it the most,” said Weinbaum. Clearly, there is no shortage of Staples students who have been determined to bring salvation back to the suffering Haitians.