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After an unsuccessful attempt last year at bringing the new AP Government and Politics nickname to popularity, Social Studies teacher, John Miller, is trying his hardest this year to bring back the momentum. Yep, that’s right: APGOPO is back.

        Mr. Miller, although not the originator of the name, fully believes in its potential.

        “I was at a summer workshop and I heard people calling the course APGOPO,” said Mr. Miller. “I was like, ‘woah this is awesome.’ We should call it that.”

        The name also recognizes an important aspect of the course that the more commonly used nickname, AP Gov., fails to address.

        “APGOPO recognizes the ‘PO’ part of the course, which usually just gets thrown under the rug,” said Mr. Miller.  “Politics is an important part of the course and of life because it effects us every day.”

        Some students, however, are skeptical of the new nickname and its potential for success.

        “The nickname ‘AP Gov.’ is too engrained in the Staples culture to be erased at this point,” said Olivia Jones ’15. “APGOPO sounds like the name of an aerobic exercise class.”

        On the other hand, supporters of the name have a more positive outlook on its success at Staples.

        “I really like the nickname,” said Abigail Merlis ’15. “I think it’s really funny and pretty catchy. I can see it really catching on.”

        Nicknames for courses at Staples have become very popular. Of course there is AP U.S. History, which is referred to by students as APUSH; and AP Environmental, or, more commonly known as APES. Despite the tough competition in regard to course nicknames, Mr. Miller is sure that APGOPO can compete.

        “APES is a really cool nickname,” said Mr. Miller. “APGOPO is a half a notch behind APES. But APGOPO rhymes and APES doesn’t, which is pretty cool.”


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