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Making a Netflix Fiend

Making a Netflix Fiend

Emma Lederer, staff writer

January 22, 2016

For some reason, I was never been able to invest myself in any of the popular shows on Netflix. I would always hear everyone talking about how much they love Breaking Bad, how many episodes they binge-watched of Orange is the New Black, or discussing the plot twist at the end of How I Met Your Mother. But no matter how much popularity the show would find among...

Food Network cooks up an audience at Staples

Food Network cooks up an audience at Staples

Caroline Cohen, Managing Editor

March 23, 2015

It’s the most frequently asked question during an ice breaker conversation. The answer’s range from ice cream to sushi to pancakes and every meal in between. What is your favorite food? It’s asked because everyone can answer it, and if they can’t it’s because there are too many answers....

New Netflix binge colors agony the new black

Lulu Stracher, Staff Writer

September 19, 2014

The ending of season two of “Orange is the New Black”–an original Netflix production about one woman’s experience during her year in a women’s prison –has left its loyal television audience confused, impatient, and most importantly, lost. Many students are adrift without the comfort of hating...

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